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A few years ago, Kimberly Lenz, owner of TheMissingMenu.com came up with a fantastic (and at the time, extremely novel) idea. Create an online resource for people who love to eat out, but who live with food allergies or gluten intolerance. There were limited resources available at the time, but nothing that specifically targeted those with a love for dining out, or that helped restaurants catering to this huge demographic reach out to them to let them know they were there. TheMissingMenu.com brand and website were developed to bring allergy-conscious restaurants

and diners together, along with convenience and peace of mind to those hoping to step out for an episode-free dinner. When a craving strikes, diners can check which restaurants are serving up allergy specific dishes in their neighborhood. Then when they get to the restaurant, they already know they can order the sweet and sour shrimp, hold the gluten. The look and feel of the website, print and marketing materials work together to create a seamless experience for diners and restaurateurs alike.